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Non asbestos rubber plate

Non asbestos rubber plate


Non-asbestos rubber sheet

YY-WX1005 using aramid fibers and synthetic wool (sepiolite) as reinforcing material, natural rubber, SBR or NBR rubber adhesive, specially made using the roll method of a sealing material, with temperature, pressure, oil, excellent air tightness and compression resilience. According to customer requirements can be entrained platinum wire or sheet metal. Commonly used to seal pipe flanges, valves, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, machinery and equipment, engines and other industrial equipment.

Application media: a variety of gas, water, steam, chemical solvents and oils and other industrial equipment: The products are widely used in power generation, metallurgy, shipbuilding, petrochemical and other industrial applications, seal duct method of water, steam, oil and media Portland, valves, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, machinery and engines, compressors, internal combustion engines, machinery, instruments, heating and other industrial equipment.

At the same time my company agent the following import no asbestos material: KLINGER (Australia), BELPA (Spain), FRENZELIT (Germany), VALQUA (Japan), DURABLA (Canada), NOVUS (United Kingdom), TESNIT (Europe) non-asbestos gaskets Main features:

1. Good temperature, pressure and compression resilient performance

2. The broad applicability, oil resistance, chemical resistance and air tightness.

3. The high mechanical strength of the material is easy to cut type.

No classification asbestos rubber sheet:

According to the physical performance level can be divided into low, medium and high pressure as well as different levels of oil, acid, pressure, temperature, refrigeration refrigerant board, airtight board, marine and other special seal plate can also be non-asbestos sheet over Materials based on the clip wire reinforced, coated graphite increase in temperature, non-asbestos-containing graphite graphite panels can also be customized to other properties and a variety of non-asbestos gasket material according to customer's special.

Non-asbestos gaskets and non asbestos gasket difference:

European countries are generally mentioned ASBESTOS FREE SHEET or NON ASBESTOS SHEET refers not 100% asbestos-containing materials. It should be said can be translated into Chinese as "non-asbestos sheet" or "non-asbestos sheet," but we will generally contain the material (5-20%) of the amount of wool called non-asbestos sheet, so customers need detailed description when ordering. In order to meet customers' need for high-quality non-asbestos sheet gasket us for some famous brands, such as: Klinger, Garlock, Valqua, Gore, Frenzelit so with adequate inventory.

Material specifications:

Platen roller width × length (mm): 1500 × 4000 1270 * 3810; can be cut; Thickness (mm): 0.4 ~ 5.0 Special specifications can be agreed with the customer

All products can be more than 0.8mm thickness reinforced steel mesh folder, can be coated with graphite and both sides sticking processing, color can be customized according to customer requirements.

Non-asbestos rubber materials development and application time is not too long, so there is no uniform standards at home and abroad, only a few countries have developed relevant standards. Currently being developed national standards shall be borne by the "National Non-metallic mineral products and products Standards Committee." GB / T22209 '"non-asbestos rubber gaskets for marine fiber-reinforced rubber sheet" Although the national standard GB standard actually is the industry standard ship as part of the test method tightness reference BS7531 abroad and no asbestos gaskets standard conditions:

GB / T 9129-2003 | pipe flanges with a non-metallic flat gaskets technical conditions HG / T 20627-2009 | steel pipe flanges (Class Series) HG non-metallic flat gaskets / T 20606-2009 | Steel Pipe non-metallic flat flange gasket (PN series) Japanese JIS-3453-2001 JOINT SHEET

Japan JPI-7R-91-2003 non-asbestos gaskets pipelines Guide English BS7531-2006 industrial and aerospace rubber fiberboard

South Korean cargo ship KSV0712-1997 selection criterion with non-asbestos gaskets


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