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Enhanced Nonasbestos gaskets

Enhanced Nonasbestos gaskets


YY-FSD1011 enhance the non-asbestos gaskets

The product uses both sides of the cardboard with Nonasbestos Beater intermediate Sprints 0.18 ~ 0.25mm tinplate steel or flat plastic insert reinforced composite.

Car and motorcycle cylinder head gasket, exhaust gasket and is mainly used for the production of industrial gaskets.

Main technical data:

Density:> 1.40g / cm3

Compression ratio: 12% - 15%

Rebound Rate:> 50%

Dip 75 # aviation kerosene (23 ~ 30 × 5 h)

Oil absorption rate: <10%

Thickening rate: <10%

Dip 20 # Aviation Lubricants (150 × 5 h)

Oil absorption rate: <15%

Thickening rate: <10%

Shim size and thickness according to customer demand.


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