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Asbestos rubber gasket

Asbestos rubber gasket


Asbestos rubber gasket

YY-SXD1014 asbestos rubber sheet, also known as asbestos board asbestos fibers, SBR, NBR, natural, EPDM rubber as the main raw material to be supplemented with the agent and filler, after mixing, hot roll forming, curing, etc. processes is made. Asbestos pad pieces are used in sealing flange connection of low pressure.

Application medium: for water, steam, oil, solvents, moderate acid, alkali sealing industry equipment: widely used in sealing power generation, metallurgy, shipbuilding, petrochemical and other industrial applications, water, steam, oil and media pipe flanges, valves, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, machinery and engines, compressors, internal combustion engines, machinery, instruments, heating and other industrial equipment.

At the same time I can according to customer requirements OEM production of similar foreign products, such as Japan and China Mallorca 1500, dragonflies and other brand asbestos rubber sheet.

Asbestos rubber gasket of the main features:

1. Good temperature, pressure and compression resilient performance

2. The broad applicability, oil resistance, chemical resistance and air tightness.

3. The high mechanical strength of the material is easy to cut type.

Depending on the temperature and pressure used can be divided into low pressure asbestos rubber sheet, medium and high pressure asbestos rubber sheet asbestos rubber sheet.

Asbestos rubber gasket Category:

Asbestos rubber sheet according to their formula, properties and uses of different processes can be divided into ordinary Asbestos and Asbestos rubber sheet rubber sheet. According to the physical performance level can be divided into low, medium and high voltage three different levels, but also can enhance the material on the basis of the above clip wire, coated graphite temperature increase can also be customized to other properties of asbestos materials according to customers' specific and various pads.

Material specifications:

Platen roller width × length (mm): 1500 × 4000 1270 * 3810 1500 * 4500 can be cut; Thickness (mm): 0.4 ~ 6.0 Special specifications can be agreed upon with the customer All products can be more than the thickness of 0.8mm steel wire clip enhanced and both sides of the release can be coated graphite processing, color can be customized according to customer requirements.


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